Bad Advice Costs Small Businesses $12 Billion In Higher Health Insurance Premiums

Chart A5The result of the bad advice is a cumulative $12 billion in extra costs for the members of the NSBA. In the NSBA survey, small businesses reported average health insurance premiums of $1121/month to cover a 44-year old employee. That amount is ~80% higher than the cost of most insurance plans. Using SimplyInsured’ s small business health insurance premium database, the cost to cover a 44-year old employee should start at $450/month for a lower-cost basic plan and top out at $775/month for a high-end cadillac plan. The unnecessary extra health insurance expense takes a significant toll on small businesses. Collectively, 65000 NSBA members will spend an extra ~$11.5 billion on health insurance premiums. That’s a significant sum of money that could have been invested in business growth or higher employee wages. The most culprit is bad advice from  traditional insurance brokers. The NSBA survey showed 76% of companies purchased health insurance from a traditional insurance broker.

“pay As You Drive” Car Insurance Now Quoted For Motorists…

pay as you drive insuranceAll providers producing rates are found at . Ambro | The combination of insurers that we’ve entered into our locator system for this year has increased the policy products that average drivers can search for using our automated process. Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 25, 2014 Insurance agencies frequently update motor vehicle insurance protection plans to create new forms of policy coverage for motor vehicle owners. The Auto Pros company is keeping up with 2014 changes in North America for insurance by including “Pay as you Drive” car insurance quotes through its system at . These policies are designed to introduce motorists to different plans that nationwide companies now have available. The customization offered with each of the new policies quoted through the search system online ensures that every driver has the right level of protection for a monthly or annual plan. “The combination of insurers that we’ve entered into our locator system for this year has increased the policy products that average drivers can search for using our automated process,” said an Auto Pros company source. The “Pay as you Drive” auto insurance policies that are currently quoted in real time using the quotation system are in competition with existing plans that drivers can quote. A state minimum policy, full coverage, SR22 or non owner plans that exists in the system can be quoted in one easy step.
Source: Is Warning Consumers Of Peril From Reliance On…

Put PRWeb on your site Is Warning Consumers of Peril from Reliance on Employer Provided Life Insurance Benefits is currently making a concerted effort to warn employees that employer-based life insurance should not be relied on. 888.374.2764
I’ve dealt with many people over the years who are practically uninsurable at the time they retire and are disappointed they cannot continue carrying life insurance during their final years
Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 23, 2014, a service which compares competing life insurance products , is issuing a warning to employees that are relying on their employer provided life insurance benefits. They are announcing that this is considered by many experts to be a poor strategy in the long term for protecting their assets, estates and families. The service states that in most cases, when life insurance benefits are held on a certificate-basis under the group master policy holder of the employer, benefits can end on any given year and generally will increase sharply in cost over time.
“Generally, and I’m referring to about 95% of all life insurance benefits provided by an employer, these products are not entirely portable, which means that if an employee leaves their employer, they won’t be able to keep the coverage for long thereafter. If someone’s health has deteriorated or they are significantly older than when they first became insured by their employer’s plan, they may be in a situation where acquiring life insurance on the individual market is all but impossible. Take whatever your employer provides in this regard, but carrying life coverage on your terms is also imperative,” said Eric Smith, the founder of
“I’ve dealt with many people over the years who are practically uninsurable at the time they retire and are disappointed they cannot continue carrying life insurance during their final years,” said Eric Smith. encourages employees to research what permanent and portable coverage costs by visting to compare life insurance rates instantly . Users can also contact Eric Smith, the independent agent of, directly at 888.374.2764.


Watkins Insurance Group Launches New Website

Watkins Insurance Group was established in 1949 and believes this enhanced website will assist their clients even further with insurance solutions. The website also boasts conveniences such as a free online quoting, and access to insurance company contact information, whenever clients need it. Patrick Watkins, President of Watkins Insurance Group, had this to say about the new website: “We couldn’t be happier to be able to meet the growing needs of insurance consumers throughout Texas. Our website helps us highlight our services and customer approach while providing greater conveniences for loyal and new clients alike.” Watkins Insurance Group is a family-owned and operated agency. As such, it emphasizes the importance of protecting your family and your business. The agency offers this protection through new insurance products, ongoing customer support and care during the claims process, and constant attention to risk management. The website also highlights the agency’s main goal: to uphold its pledge as a Trusted Choice® agency by providing personal advice and quality service. Watkins Insurance Group applies this pledge to all of its insurance services, including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and business insurance. About Project CAP Watkins Insurance Group’s new website was created in cooperation with Project CAP ( ).

Samba Implements Healthsuite® Mercato From Ram Technologies To Modernize Technology Infrastructure

In addition to HEALTHsuite Mercato, RAM also offers eHealthsuite, a powerful web portal product that allows members and providers to interact in real time with the health plan. The self-service capabilities of eHealthsuite permit users to conduct transactions from their offices or homes through a secure Internet connection. About the SAMBA Federal Employee Benefit Association For over 60 years, SAMBA has been dedicated to protecting federal employees, annuitants, and their families. SAMBA works closely with top-rated insurance providers to create plans at affordable rates to fill the specific needs of their members and their families.  For more information visit About RAM Technologies: RAM Technologies is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for healthcare payers.  For over 33 years RAM Technologies has led the way in the creation of superior software solutions for health plans serving Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial, and Federal Employee Health Programs.  RAM Technologies has been recognized on Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies for the last four years and has been repeatedly featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Lists of Top Technology Employers and Top Software Developers.  To learn more about RAM Technologies call (877) 654-8810 or visit .

Identityforce Awarded Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal Of Approval

As a result, the PTPA Media™ Seal has quickly gained recognition as an international leader in certifying consumer products for quality, effectiveness and value. Their CEO and founder, Sharon Vinderine has appeared on over 100 morning shows as a reliable source for the latest and greatest in family products. The media and parents alike trust the collective opinion that PTPA Media represents. Being honored with the influential Seal of Approval from PTPA Media, Inc. is a huge achievement for a product geared to families, children or parents. “We are thrilled to be the first and only identity theft protection company to be awarded the highly-coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal and look forward to continuing to provide the best identity theft protection for children and their families,” said Steve Bearak, the CEO of IdentityForce. “At PTPA Media, we are proud to play a role in certifying innovative products that families can trust,” says Sharon Vinderine, CEO and founder of PTPA Media, Inc. “When consumers search for our Seal of Approval on product packaging and web sites, they are essentially searching for validation from their peers. Their peers will have objectively tested and approved these products based on their performance in a real life environment.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors Can Be Used To Cover…

Seniors can now purchase life insurance without medical examinations from major insurance providers. No exam life insurance is designed to have a simple and straightforward application process and keep paperwork at a minimum. In order to qualify for coverage, a senior has to complete a medical questionnaire. The application form can be completed online as in many cases, it s not necessary to meet with the agent. Life insurance without medical examinations works in the same way as any other life insurance plan. After the insured passes away, the agency will pay out insurance proceedings. The death benefit can be used by the surviving family members to cover important final expenses and other daily living expenses. “No exam life insurance is a simple, convenient and fast way of covering funeral expenses. Seniors are strongly advised to consider purchasing life insurance without medical exams,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company and